ICE Cooperative Education


ICE is a work experience program. You will use math, communication, and a wide range of other skills on the job. To be prepared, take classes at your home school or at NCCC that relate to your career goals. Employment after high school and admittance into colleges and specialty training programs can be competitive. To increase your chances, do well in all classes and work toward a Technical Honors Diploma.

Course Instructor: Dave Allen

A Typical Student in ICE:

The typical student is one that enjoys on-the-job learning and wants to gain experience in a job related to their career goal. Some students participate in Computer Operations, Pre-Engineering, Culinary Arts, Machine Trades, or another career program during their junior year and participate in the ICE program during their senior year. Students are expected to perform well on the job and receive acceptable or better job evaluations. Evaluations are a large part of a student’s grade each nine weeks. Students must remain employed throughout the school year to receive credit for the ICE class. Students should be comfortable using computer technology for research and completion of online assignments.

In the Past 5 Years

  • Students have gone on to attend IU East, Ball State, Vincennes, and Ivy Tech
  • Several students have completed Computer Operations as a junior and ICE as a senior with a job in Information Technology
  • Students have remained with their employers to begin their careers

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  • ICE

    Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education

    The Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education (ICE) Program provides students an opportunity to learn career related skills through on-the-job training with a local employer. The ICE program is made up of two components. The related class meets up to 3 hours per week, and the work experience is 15 or more hours per week. Some class work may be completed online. Work experiences take place during school time as well as after school hours. Work experiences should be related to a student’s career interests. Students attend their home school for one-half day to complete graduation requirements. Students completing this program may remain at the businesses where they have gained work experience through the program, move on to other employment, and/or continue their education at the postsecondary level in 2 or 4-year degree programs.

    Dual College Credits:

    IVYT 101 First Year Seminar - Ivy Tech 1 credit - Testing is not required.

    Industry Certifications:

    OSHA 10-Hour Safety Certification  - Testing is required and fees apply.

    How to prepare

    The following courses will help prepare students for the ICE career program, further training, and a career in various industries. These courses are not required for participation but are recommended if available.

    • Business
    • Computer Applications
    • Technology 

    What You Will Learn

    • Gain experience related to a career interest
    • Participate in on-the-job training
    • Learn about money and time management
    • Complete education and career plans
    • Earn dual credit

    Course Information

    • Number of High School Credits: 6
    • Prerequisites: None
    • Eligible Grade Levels: 12
    • New Castle Career Center and Job Location
    • Required Cost: $0