Health Science Education


Health Careers is a science-based program. You will use many skills to solve problems and work with patients. To be prepared take rigorous science courses, especially biology, chemistry, and anatomy courses. Admission into the Health Careers program can be very competitive. To increase your chances, do your best in all high school courses and work toward Academic Honors and Technical Honors Diplomas.

Course Instructors: Angie Talbott and Lainey Millikan

A Typical Student in Health Science Education:

The typical student is college bound and has taken science and math courses to prepare them for the career program and beyond. Students have a strong work ethic, are compassionate and detail oriented, have a mature attitude, and typically have 3 or less absences per semester in school. The vast majority of students qualify for dual credit courses. Each year, several students get a jumpstart on college by also enrolling in the Early College program where they can earn up to 18 additional dual college credits.

In the Past 5 Years

  • The program was the recipient of the Indiana Award for Excellence, and several students each year have won individual Indiana Awards for Excellence
  • Students have earned between 5 and 29 college credits
  • Students have an advantage with scholarships and admissions to medical programs

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  • Health Careers

    Students spend time in the classroom as well as participating in clinical rotations at various health care facilities in the community. Clinical experiences vary depending on the student’s career goal and training site availability. They include several areas of nursing, x-ray, laboratory, physical therapy, nuclear medicine, respiratory therapy, physical therapy, dietary, mortuary science, pharmacy, and medical records. Classroom instruction includes human anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, ethics, CPR, and practical skills applicable to all health-related occupations. Students must attend this program in the morning (7:30 – 10:30) as most activities in health care facilities take place in the morning. Students completing this program usually continue their education in 2 or 4-year postsecondary degree programs or special medical licensing programs at the postsecondary level.

    Dual College Credits:

    HLHS 100 Introduction to Health Careers - Ivy Tech 3 credits - Testing is not required. Qualifies for THD Priority Dual Credits.

    HLHS 107 CNA Preparation - Ivy Tech 5 credits - Testing is not required. Qualifies for THD Priority Dual Credits.

    HIMT 110 Medical Terminology - Vincennes University - Testing is required and fees apply. Qualifies for THD Priority Dual Credits.

    Industry Certifications:

    CNA (Indiana State Certified Nursing Assistant) Certification  - Testing is required and fees apply. Qualifies for THD.

    Pharmacy Technician  - Testing is required and fees apply. Qualifies for THD.

    NCHSE (National Consortium for Health Science Education) - Testing is required. Qualifies for THD.

    CPR/AED Professional Rescuer Certification - Testing is required and fees apply.

    How to prepare

    The following courses will help prepare students for the Health Careers program, further training, and a career in the health field. These courses are not required but are recommended if available. The courses may not be offered in every high school.

    • AP or Advanced Chemistry
    • Anatomy & Physiology
    • AP or Advanced Biology


    Syllabi for Health Science Education Classes


    What You Will Learn

    • Learn anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, and medical ethics
    • Participate in clinical rotations at local health care facilities
    • Explore different career options in the health care field
    • Gain experience in nursing, pharmacy, lab, imaging, physical therapy, and more
    • Earn dual credit and industry certifications

    Course Information

    • Number of High School Credits: 6
    • Prerequisites: None
    • Eligible Grade Levels: 12
    • Raintree Education Center, Henry County Hospital, and Clinical Sites
    • Required Cost: Approximately $300.00 Covers: Uniforms, Personal Equipment, HOSA Dues, Class Shirt, Dual Credits, and Certification.