Computer Operations


Computer Operations is a hands-on career program. Students apply what they learn by working on projects. To be prepared, focus on math and computer classes. Develop your spoken communication skills, and do well in all academic classes. Employment in the computer field and/or admission into college programs can be competitive. To increase your chances, work toward Academic and Technical Honors Diplomas.

Course Instructor: Graig Davis

A Typical Student in Computer Operations:

The typical Computer Operations student is a solid academic student who plans to go on to college or additional training after high school. Students who enroll in Computer Operations like hands-on work and plan to pursue a career in a computer technology-related field. Successful students have the patience and attention to detail to solve problems using the skills they have learned. They can work on projects independently or with other students. They understand time management as it relates to customer service and can stay on task without constant supervision. Students can earn industry certifications to document their skills and use when entering the job market. Students can also choose to participate in the regional, state, and national information technology competitions through BPA (Business Professionals of America) where they compete for scholarships and national recognition of their skills.

In the Past 5 Years: 

  • Students earned college scholarships based on certifications and competition success
  • Students have gone on to attend Ivy Tech, Ball State, Purdue, Indiana State, ITT, Vincennes, and more
  • Students completed internships at local companies and community organizations as part of their class work

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  • Computer Operations I

    Computer Tech Support

    Computer Tech Support allows students to explore how computers work. Students learn the functionality of hardware and software components as well as suggested best practices in maintenance and safety issues. Upon graduation, students continue their education at the postsecondary level in both 2 and 4-year degree programs including computer engineering. Others may gain employment in local computer technology and support businesses. Students entering this program are expected to have significant computer knowledge.

    Industry Certification:

    CompTIA A Plus Certification - Testing is required and fees apply. Qualifies for THD.

    How to prepare

    The following courses will help prepare students for the Computer Operations program, college, and a career in the computer technology field. These courses are not required but are recommended if available.

    • Advanced Math Classes
    • Computer Applications 
    • Web Design 

    What You Will Learn

    • Perform computer troubleshooting and maintenance
    • Learn hardware and software applications
    • Earn industry certification 

    Course Information

    • Number of High School Credits: 6
    • Prerequisites: None
    • Eligible Grade Levels: 11, 12
    • New Castle High School
    • Required Cost: Approximately $50.00 Covers: CompTIA A Plus Certification
  • Computer Operations II

    Networking Fundamentals

    Students in networking fundamentals learn the skills needed to successfully move into a role as an IT professional supporting networked computers.  Concepts covered include TCP/IP client administration, planning a network topology, configuring the TCP/IP protocol, managing network clients, configuring routers and hubs, and creating wireless LANs.  High-performing students may have the opportunity to complete internships with local companies.

    Industry Certification:

    CompTIA Network Plus Certification - Testing is required and fees apply.

    Microsoft Technology Associate - Testing is required and fees apply.

    What You Will Learn

    • Understand network administration and design
    • Program and document equipment specifications
    • Earn industry certifications

    Course Information

    • Number of High School Credits: 6
    • Prerequisites: Computer Operations I - Computer Tech Support
    • Eligible Grade Levels: 12
    • New Castle High School
    • Required Cost: Approximately $100.00 Covers: CompTIA and Microsoft Certifications